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CHURCH Insurance

Insurance for churches and related functions including day cares and schools.

Protecting South Carolina's religious organizations!

GuideOne and Thaxton Insurance Group

To better serve South Carolina's religious organizations, Thaxton Insurance Group has partnered with GuideOne. Our goal has always been simple: We are committed to providing top quality service and insurance solutions for churches.

We work to provide protection and security for churches in South Carolina.

GuideOne has a history back to 1947; they created the nation's first-ever comprehensive insurance policy for churches in 1962. Today, they insured over 43,000 religious organizations across the country.

Church insurance coverage:

  • Property
  • Automobile-Vans, Buses & Personal Vehicles
  • General Liability
  • Umbrella Liability
  • Workers Compensation

We can provide information for the concerns for churches to help them in their daily operation, we have excellent customer service.

To learn more about the GuideOne program for churches, contact us today!